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Azure Sphere update 19.11 is now available via retail feed

Published date: December 06, 2019

The Azure Sphere preview, OS version 19.11, is now available via the retail feed. This release includes a quality release of the OS along with two new features for application development—an SDK for Linux and a Visual Studio Code extension.

Azure Sphere OS

This quality release fixes an error in I2C reads that was reported on MSDN and an error in which SPI reads or writes may cause the system to crash. In addition, it includes changes to mitigate against CVE-2019-18840. If your devices are currently running OS version 19.10 or an earlier OS release and are connected to the internet, they should receive the OS update from the cloud. However, if you have an older Seeed MT3620 Development Kit, you might need to update manually.

Azure Sphere SDK preview for Linux

This release includes Azure Sphere SDK Preview for Linux, which enables you to develop, deploy, and debug applications using Linux machines. In this initial preview release, the SDK is supported on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS only. Your success using different distributions may vary.

Preview of Visual Studio Code extension for Azure Sphere

A preview of the Visual Studio Code extension for Azure Sphere is included in this release. Install the Azure Sphere SDK for your platform, and then install Visual Studio Code for Windows or for Linux along with the Azure Sphere extension to use Visual Studio Code as your integrated development environment for Azure Sphere.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We welcome product feedback and new feature requests.


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