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Generally available: Resource instance rules for access to Azure Storage

Published date: September 06, 2022

Resource instance rules enable secure connectivity to a storage account by restricting access to specific resources of select Azure services.

Azure Storage provides a layered security model that enables you to secure and control access to your storage account. You can configure network access rules to limit access to your storage account from select virtual networks or IP address ranges. Some Azure services operate on multi-tenant infrastructure, so resources of these services cannot be isolated to a specific virtual network.

With resource instance rules, you can now configure your storage account to only allow access from specific resource instances of such Azure services. For example, Azure Synapse offers analytic capabilities that cannot be deployed into a virtual network. If your Synapse workspace uses such capabilities, you can configure a resource instance rule on a secured storage account to only allow traffic from that Synapse workspace.

Resource instances must be in the same tenant as your storage account, but they may belong to any resource group or subscription in the tenant.

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