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Public preview: Azure App Service Migration Assistant PowerShell-based experience

Published date: July 21, 2021

You can now use PowerShell scripts to discover, assess, and migrate your .NET web applications from IIS to Azure App Service. In addition, you have the ability to do discovery, assessment, packaging, and deployment for all sites on the server in bulk, and may choose to migrate even with identified issues to allow for iteration on App Service side without modifying your local application.

The current Migration Assistant tool must run on local server and is a UX based option for doing assessment and migration of a single site at a time. This PowerShell option allows for looking at whole server at once, including evaluating remote servers over remote PowerShell connections without installing anything on the target server. This enables the "offline" option of packaging sites on the web server while doing the migration step from an alternate server and allows users to choose to migrate, even with identified issues with a site, to allow for iteration on the App Service side without modifying your local application. This public preview does not include the packaging of sites or migration steps, which must still be run local to the server.

To learn more, visit the Powershell Scripts GitHub page.

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