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Generally available: On-demand capacity reservation with Azure Site Recovery safeguards VMs failover

Published date: March 28, 2022

Azure Site Recovery is now integrated with on-demand capacity reservation and is available generally. With this integration, you can leverage the power of capacity reservations with Site Recovery to reserve compute capacity in the disaster recovery (DR) region and guarantee your failovers. When you assign a capacity reservation group (CRG) for your protected VMs, Site Recovery will failover the VMs to that CRG. Additionally, a compute SLA gets added to the existing Site Recovery’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO) SLA of 2 hours.

For new VMs, you can create and assign a CRG while enabling replication with a single click. If you want to assign a CRG for your existing protected VMs, review the example in the screenshot below to navigate to the "Compute" blade and select the desired CRG. Assigning a CRG does not impact the Site Recovery License fee. For more information about the pricing of on-demand capacity reservation, refer the on-demand capacity reservations documentation.

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