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Microsoft Azure Logic Apps Connector for 3270 Screens available now in Public Preview

Published date: March 06, 2019

Azure Logic Apps with the new 3270 connector allows enterprise developers to build modern applications that automate end user task flows based on legacy IBM mainframe 3270 programs, and to deliver robotic process automation (RPA) and other integration capabilities.

Using Logic Apps with the new 3270 connector, enterprise developers can more easily build new composite applications and APIs that incorporate existing line-of-business 3270-based mainframe programs with modern cloud services, to significantly drive business innovation, reach new customers, and improve operating efficiencies.

The 3270 connector includes a Windows-based design tool to record end user task flows using a Microsoft TN3270 client, or optionally to import IBM CICS Basic Mapping Support (BMS) screen program layouts, define a navigation plan over the existing mainframe 3270 program, and then define inputs and outputs for the plan for use within a Logic App action. The new connector will automate data entry tasks, help eliminate typos from manual entry, and use the features in Azure to create new business applications.

In order to fully use the 3270 connector, you’ll need to use it in an integration service environment (ISE) paired with an express route back to your on-premises network over your VNET. See more details on ISE.

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