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General availability: Log alerts for Application Insights

Published date: May 22, 2018

Application Insights is a pivotal part of the Azure portfolio. It enables developers to peel the layers of their application and extract insights at each layer. In addition to insights, to operate at scale, you need the ability to identify and react quickly to changes in your application.

Earlier, we introduced the preview of log alerts for Application Insights—which enables users to proactively monitor and trigger alerts from a custom analytics query. Now the feature is in general availability.

This milestone introduces the Scheduled Query Rules REST API for programmatic management. The API is accessible via Azure Resource Manager as well. You can swiftly create, update, or delete log alerts by using Resource Manager templates, Azure CLI, and PowerShell. It's a single API to manage all your log alerts for Application Insights. You can find more details in the article on managing log alerts by using Resource Manager.

If you're exploring log alerts for the first time, see the article on log alerts in Azure Monitor. Pricing for log alerts for Application Insights can be found on the Azure Monitor pricing page.

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