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General availability: Azure Data Explorer adds new geospatial capabilities

Published date: January 23, 2024

We are excited to announce the addition of three new geospatial functions in Kusto: geo_polygon_to_h3cells(), geo_angle() and geo_azimuth().

  • geo_polygon_to_h3cells() allows you to convert a polygon into a set of H3 cells. This is useful for spatial indexing and querying, as it allows you to efficiently represent and query spatial data
  • geo_angle() calculates the angle between two lines on the earth's surface. This can be useful for determining the direction of movement or the orientation of a geographical feature.
  • geo_azimuth() calculates the azimuth angle between two points on the earth's surface. The azimuth angle is the angle between the line from the first point to the second point and the line from the first point to the north pole. This can be useful for navigation and direction finding.

These new functions enhance Kusto's geospatial capabilities, allowing you to perform more complex analyses and gain deeper insights into your geospatial data. We look forward to seeing how you use these new features to explore and understand your data. As always, all those functions are available on all services which are using the Kusto engine:Microsoft Fabric Real-Time Analytics, Azure Data Explorer, Azure Monitor and many others.

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