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General availability: IoT Central - Organizations

Published date: November 02, 2021

In just minutes, scale your IoT solutions from one customer to many with Organizations in IoT Central, the new, easy way to extend your solutions while maintaining flexible access control.

Scale your IoT solutions beyond a single tenant—simply and securely. Organizations, a new feature from IoT Central helps customers control and manage access to devices, users, and experiences—in an interface as familiar as folder management. 

Because most IoT solution architectures today consist of a single cloud ingestion endpoint, scaling for multiple tenants is challenging. Currently, customers either spin up an instance of their IoT solution for each customer, or ingest all the data through a single endpoint, applying access control at the application layer. Both approaches increase the management overhead and create opportunities for security breaches. Organizations makes it easier to build, maintain and extend your IoT solution without additional work – or new vulnerabilities.

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