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Azure Digital Twins Control-Plane Preview API Retirement (2020-03-31)

Published date: February 03, 2023

Starting on 2 May 2023, Azure Digital Twins control plane API 2020-03-01-preview will be retired. Before that date, please migrate to the latest generally available stable API version (2022-10-31), which provides more capabilities including time-series database connections and managed identity.

Required action

To avoid service disruption, please be aware of the following changes when migrating to the latest generally available stable API version (2022-10-31) by 2May 2023:

  • EventHub endpoints: EventHub endpoints have changed from "connectionString-PrimaryKey" and "connectionString-SecondaryKey" to "connectionStringPrimaryKey" and "connectionStringSecondaryKey" respectively; i.e., the dash "-" has been removed.
  • PATCH API response changed from synchronous to asynchronous: The PATCH API of AzureDigital Twins resources now returns "202 Accepted" (instead of "200 OK") as the update will complete asynchronously. Users can track the status of the update with a PUT request.

We recommend that users of the affected associated SDKs of the 2020-03-01-preview API update to the latest version SDKs and follow additional migration guidance from the old to new Azure SDK.

For more details, please reference this guide on migrating from the retiring control plane API 2020-03-01-preview to the latest generally available stable API and their associated SDKs.

Support options

If you have a support plan and you need technical help, create a support request. On the portal page of your Azure Digital Twins instance, select "New Support Request" in the "Support+troubleshooting" tab:

  1. For Issue type, select Technical.
  2. For Subscription, select your subscription.
  3. For Service, select My services, then select Azure Digital Twins.
  4. Select the Azure resource that you are creating a support request for.
  5. For Summary, type a description of your issue.
  6. For Problem type, select Digital Twins APIs.
  7. For Problem subtype, selectMy issue not listed here.
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