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Activity Log Alerts - Change in "Description" property in the alert payload now in development

Published date: January 06, 2021

Azure Monitor is a service in the cloud that helps you to improve the performance and availability of your Azure services. It collects and analyzes telemetry from your cloud and on-premises environments. Azure Alerts use this telemetry to send notifications that proactively notify you when problems are identified. The Activity Log is one such source of telemetry. Activity log alerts are fired when a new activity log event matching activity log alert rule is being logged.

Currently, the “Activity log event description” is copied to the fired alert description. In order to align the Activity Log payload with other alert types, Starting April 1, 2021, the fired alert property "Description“ will contain the alert rule description. In preparation for this change, we created a new property “Activity Log Event Description“ to the Activity Log fired Alert. This new property will be filled with the "Description" property that is already available for use.

Please review your alert rules, action rules, webhooks, logic app or any other configurations where you might be using the “Description” property and replace it with “Activity Log Event Description” property.

if your condition (in your action rules, webhooks, logic app or any other configurations) is currently based on the "Description" property for activity log alerts, you may need to modify it to be based on the “Activity Log Event Description” property instead.

In order to fill the new "Description" property, you can add a description in the alert rule definition.

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