Azure Cache for Redis

Lightning-fast and fully managed in-memory data store

Your app. Faster.

As traffic and demands on your app increase, scale performance simply and in a cost-effective manner. Add a quick caching layer to the application architecture to handle thousands of simultaneous users with near-instant speed – all with the benefits of a fully managed service.

Superior throughput and performance to handle millions of requests per second with sub-millisecond latency

Fully managed service with automatic patching, updates, scaling and provisioning so you can focus on development

RedisBloom, RediSearch, and RedisTimeSeries module integration, supporting data analysis, search and streaming

Powerful capabilities including clustering, built-in replication, Redis on Flash, and availability of up to 99.99 percent

What you can build using Azure Cache for Redis

Speed up applications with a distributed cache

Complement database services such as Azure SQL Database and Azure Cosmos DB by enabling your data tier to scale throughput at a lower cost than through expanded database instances. Store and share database query results, session states and static content by using a common cache-aside pattern and make your application nimbler and more scalable.

Efficiently store session data

Quickly save, retrieve and update web session data such as user cookies and output pages. Improve the performance of your application by increasing its responsiveness and enabling it to handle increasing loads with fewer web-compute resources. Take advantage of data persistence, geo-replication and automatic data duplication for maximum user data reliability. Scale out to terabyte size using clustering to meet the needs of even the largest enterprises.

Communicate between services as a message broker

Use Azure Cache for Redis as a solution for implementing publish/subscribe or queue architectures. Route real-time messages and scale up web communication frameworks such as SignalR. Use industry-standard TLS encryption for data in transit and configure proper network isolation with Azure Private Link.

Upgrade app performance with Redis Enterprise on Azure

Get game-changing support for popular Redis Enterprise features via Enterprise and Enterprise Flash tiers of Azure Cache for Redis, developed in partnership with Redis Labs. Add new data structures that enhance analytics and machine learning with the included RediSearch, RedisBloom and RedisTimeSeries modules. Get massive cache sizes at a lower price point by using the Enterprise Flash tier to run Redis on speedy flash storage.

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Enjoy Redis as a fully managed service

Deploy faster by using a fully managed service on Azure. Azure Cache for Redis is backed by open-source Redis and natively supports Redis data structures including hashes, lists and sorted sets. If your application uses Redis, it will work with Azure Cache for Redis. Streamline migration by importing and exporting Azure Cache for Redis database files.

Why trust Azure Cache for Redis?

  • Microsoft invests more than USD 1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development.

  • We employ more than 3,500 security experts completely dedicated to your data security and privacy.

  • Azure has more compliance certifications than any other cloud service provider. View the comprehensive list.

Cost-effective pricing that gives you control

With five pricing tiers and reserved pricing options, you have the flexibility to tailor performance to your workload. See pricing details.

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Alaska Airlines makes shopping easier

"We wanted to use Azure Cache for Redis and getting that running on-premises wasn't easy. But in Azure, with three clicks, we had it. We didn't have to coordinate with other teams to set up new infrastructure and figure out how to maintain it once we hit production, and that's a beautiful thing."

Ralph Feltis, Senior Software Engineer, Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines

CarMax drives online innovation

"Azure PaaS (platform as a service) gave us access to a complete set of capabilities such as Azure Cache for Redis that we didn't have to build ourselves. We can spin up these services and start using them in less than an hour, which is incredible."

Brandon Linton, Solution Architect, CarMax

Pet care leader creates global distributed solution

Mars used Azure Cache for Redis as a message broker, providing fast access to data across application sessions and services.


Chipotle builds scalable new website

Chipotle used Azure Cache for Redis to improve website performance and handle its rapidly growing customer base.


Stackify empowers fellow developers using Azure

Stackify uses Azure Cache for Redis as an accelerant for the company’s application – keeping frequently used data closer for fast access and reducing the load on its Azure SQL Database instance.


Frequently asked questions about Azure Cache for Redis

  • Azure Cache for Redis is a fully managed, in-memory cache that enables high-performance and scalable architectures. Use it to create cloud or hybrid deployments that handle millions of requests per second at sub-millisecond latency—all with the configuration, security, and availability benefits of a managed service.
  • While most databases store data on slower, disk-based storage, Azure Cache for Redis stores data in memory. Since memory is significantly faster than disk storage, data can be written and retrieved much faster.
  • In some cases—and often in session store use cases—Azure Cache for Redis can be used as a standalone database. However, most of the time, it is best used as a complement to a database in the form of a cache. Azure Cache handles data that needs to be accessed more frequently, while the database handles data that needs to be stored for the longer term.
  • Azure Cache for Redis offers exceptional reliability with a 99.9 percent SLA. Most tiers provide a built-in replica that acts as a failover if the primary instance goes down. You can also configure your Azure Cache for Redis instance to use data persistence to recover data in the event of a hardware failure.

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