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Azure Synapse Analytics for data engineers

Learn how to create rich ETL pipelines and analyze data in the language of your choice at scale using both serverless and dedicated resources—all within a single, unified experience.

Discover a limitless data analytics experience

Bring data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics together with Azure Synapse.

  • Streamline pipeline development

    Easily construct ETL and ELT processes code-free in an intuitive environment or write your own code with more than 95 native connectors.

  • Orchestrate data integration

    Facilitate seamless collaboration through integrated Apache Spark and SQL engines all while using your preferred language such as T-SQL, Python, Spark, .NET.

  • Simplify security and management

    Automate protection of sensitive data in real time with column-level and row-level security and dynamic data masking.

See how data engineers are innovating with Azure Synapse

See how data engineers are building modern data solutions at scale using Azure Synapse.

Sharing anonymized data

Learn how Greg, an enterprise data architect at Southern Company, uses Azure Synapse to share anonymized data with analytics partners and deliver in-house analytics.

Predictive maintenance

See how Henko, a data analytics architect at Macaw, is using predictive analytics to help a water utility company detect water supply issues—before they become a problem.

Data governance

See how Adhi, a data solution architect at Grab, uses data masking and row-level security to empower analysts to access and analyze data—regardless of their skill level.

Build your data analytics skills

Learn the basics of Azure Synapse Analytics and see how to get started with 30 days of videos, tutorials, and training modules. After completing this learning path, you'll be prepared for the Azure Data Engineering certification.

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Documentation, Training and Migration Resources



See learning paths and certifications for data engineers.

Data engineer learning paths

Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure certification

Migration resources

Discover resources to help you bring Azure Synapse to your organization.

Azure Synapse Pathway preview overview

Azure Synapse Analytics Proof of Concept Playbook

Azure Synapse Essentials

Watch Azure Synapse Essentials to learn more about capabilities and services that can help you begin developing end-to-end analytical solutions.

Creating an Azure Synapse workspace

See how quick and easy it is to start your first project on Azure Synapse Analytics.

Experience integration with Spark

See how to get started with the integrated Apache Spark experience in Azure Synapse.

Build data pipelines with ease

Learn how to use Azure Synapse to create a ETL pipeline and data flow for data integration.

Stay up to date with Azure Synapse

Watch the latest Azure Synapse Analytics demonstrations and webinars.

Webinar: Gain Real-Time Insights on Oracle ERP Data

Learn how the combination of Azure Synapse Analytics and Incorta enables leaders to connect directly to their Oracle E-Business Suite.

Webinar: Gain Real-Time SAP Data Insights

See how to bring real-time SAP data insights to your entire organization with Azure Synapse Analytics, Qlik Data Integration, and Power BI.

AI Show: Machine learning experiences in Azure Synapse

See how integration between Azure Synapse and Azure Machine Learning is creating seamless integration between data professionals.

Connect with more resources

Get support and guidance for learning more about Azure Synapse Analytics.

Azure data community

Connect with your peers, learn and develop your skills, and find resources to help you grow your career.

Analytics in a Day

Get hands-on experience with Azure Synapse Analytics at this half-day virtual training and workshop.

Azure Synapse updates, blogs, and announcements