Achieve global scale with Azure regions

  • Available in 140 countries, including 42 regions
  • Global and sovereign offerings
  • Ongoing commitment to local and industry compliance
  • Global business continuity including High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Backup

Which Azure region is right for me?

Consider these factors when choosing your region:


Where is your business located? Do you have branch offices or customers located in other countries?

Compliance needs

Do you or your customers have specific compliance requirements?

Service availability

Are the Azure services you want available in the region you’re considering?

Data residency and sovereignty

Do you or your customers have specific data residency or sovereignty requirements?


Is cost one of the most important factors in your decision?

Keep applications and data close

Learn about Microsoft global datacenters

Map of available regions


United States Canada Brazil
Regions Central US, East US 2, East US, North Central US, South Central US, West US 2, West Central US, West US US DoD Central, US DoD East, US Gov Arizona, US Gov Iowa, US Gov Non-Regional, US Gov Texas, US Gov Virginia
Learn more about Azure Government
Canada Central, Canada East Brazil South
Data residency / Sovereignty2 Data stored at rest in US Data stored at rest in US.
A sovereign offering - physically isolated instance of Microsoft Azure.
Stored at rest in Canada Data replication to US
Compliance3 International, regional, and industry-specific Continuous commitment to the highest breadth and depth of US government-specific or US DoD-specific compliance standards International, regional, and industry-specific International, regional, and industry-specific
Available to All US government entities and their partners only All All
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Europe France United Kingdom Azure Germany
Regions North Europe, West Europe France Central1, France South1 UK South, UK West Germany Central, Germany Non-Regional, Germany Northeast
Learn more about Azure Germany
Data residency / Sovereignty2 Stored at rest in Europe Stored at rest in France Stored at rest in UK A sovereign offering – a physically and logically separate instance of Azure services with dedicated network between Germany datacenters
Compliance3 International, regional, and industry-specific Coming soon International, regional, and industry-specific Designed to meet the strictest EU data protection, under control of German Data Trustee
Available to All All All Customers and partners in EU/European Free Trade Association (EFTA) only
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Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Australia China India Japan Korea
Regions East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia Central 11, Australia Central 21 Australia East, Australia Southeast China East, China North
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Central India, South India, West India Japan East, Japan West Korea Central, Korea South
Data residency / Sovereignty2 Stored at rest in Asia Pacific region Stored at rest in Australia A sovereign offering – independent, dedicated network within China Stored at rest in India Stored at rest in Japan Stored at rest in Korea
Compliance3 International, regional, and industry-specific Local and industry-specific China-specific Local and industry-specific Local and industry-specific Coming soon
Available to All All Organizations with a business presence in China All All All
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1 Some regions are announced and coming soon

2 Get data residency details

3 For the latest compliance information, visit the Microsoft Trust Center

Middle East and Africa

Middle East and Africa Azure customers around the world can choose from many regions, and those located in the Middle East or Africa frequently use regions in Europe (Dublin, Amsterdam) and Asia Pacific (Singapore, Hong Kong). Azure services are currently available in more than 60 countries in the Middle East and Africa, providing customers with a variety of options to choose from.
Regions South Africa North1, South Africa West1
Data residency / Sovereignty Stored at rest in Africa
Compliance Coming soon
Available to All
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