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App Migration to Azure: Your options explained

Assess your on-premises environments with Azure and partner tools

Assess applications with Azure Migrate and migrate VMs with Azure Site Recovery

App Migration to Azure: Moving your databases step-by-step guide

Demo: How-to assess and rehost your application

Demo: How-to refactor application APIs into containerized microservices

Demo: How-to rebuild an app with cloud-native solutions

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Simplify Migration to Azure with Microsoft Partner Assessment Tools

Register for this webinar, featuring three Microsoft partners—Device 42, Turbonomic, and Cloudamize—to find outhow their software solutions help customers meet migration challenges.

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Azure IaaS: An Introduction

Before you lift and shift your VMs, apps, and databases to the cloud, attend this webinar to discover the different compute, storage, and networking options. You'll also learn about options for security and identity, back up and recovery, monitoring and management. Tools to help with migration from on-premises to Azure will also be covered.

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Migrate your Data Center to the Cloud

SQL Server 2008 will soon be end of life—don't get stuck with a legacy DBMS that will no longer be supported or whose TCO will increase over time. Discover what your options are on Microsoft's hybrid data platform, and how built-in migration tools can help you migrate your data to SQL Server 2017 or Azure, and learn proven methodologies for migration.

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Simplify Your Migration Journey with New Azure Migrate Capabilities

Register for this webinar to learn more about our new Azure migration capabilities. Get live demos and key resources to simplify your migration journey.

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Azure Webinar Series: Transform Windows Server 2008 Apps and Infrastructure

End of support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 is only one year away, which means the end of security updates for these versions. Join this webinar to get migration tips and tricks from Microsoft experts.

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Transform Your Business with a Modern Data Estate

End of support is coming soon for SQL Server and Windows Server 2008/R2, which means the end of security updates for these versions. Register for this webinar to evaluate your options for replacing SQL Server and Windows Server legacy installations with a modern data estate.

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See Why Azure Is the Right Choice Over AWS

Register for this webinar to learn how to quickly migrate all your on-premises apps, data, and infrastructure to Azure in a single motion. Find out why Azure is the right choice for your assets, providing you with free tools that automate the cloud migration journey while minimizing downtime.

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Azure webinar series: Migrate Your VMs and Databases Using Azure and Partner Tools

Join us for this webinar to learn about applications that can be migrated without app redesign and how to quickly move them to Azure. You’ll also see how Microsoft Azure—and tools from our partners—can help automate the move of your virtual machines and databases.

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4 Reasons to Choose Azure for Your Infrastructure Needs

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides computing, networking, and storage services with a high degree of control, security, and simplicity. In this webinar, you’ll learn the advantages of IaaS, see how it differs from competitors, and walk away with ideas for moving your workloads to the cloud.

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