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Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Proven guidance from Microsoft to accelerate your cloud adoption journey.

What is the Cloud Adoption Framework?

The Cloud Adoption Framework is proven guidance that’s designed to help you create and implement the business and technology strategies necessary for your organization to succeed in the cloud. It provides best practices, documentation, and tools that cloud architects, IT professionals, and business decision makers need to successfully achieve their short- and long-term objectives.

By using Cloud Adoption Framework best practices, organizations are better able to align their business and technical strategies to ensure success.

Achieve business goals

Get expert guidance as you plan and execute organizational and technical changes while mitigating risks.

Manage organizational changes

Find sustainable ways for your organization to embrace cloud technology.

Adopt technologies for business growth

Discover and learn to implement secure cloud technologies that scale to grow with your business.

Secure your environment

Capture risks, plan controls, set your security baseline, and operate safely with proven guidance.

Establish governance and optimize costs

Establish budgets, monitor cost allocation patterns, set policies, and implement controls to optimize your cloud spending and deployment.

The cloud adoption journey

There's no single cloud adoption path that works for every organization, but the main implementation stages of a secure methodology are similar for all organizations and industries: define your strategy, make a plan, ready your organization, adopt the cloud, and govern and manage your digital estate.

Understand motivations

Understand cloud economics and get the financial and technical tips to help develop your cloud strategy and build your business case.

Identify desired business outcomes

Establish clear business outcomes that align with your motivations. Use this template to align stakeholders and decision makers on deciding which outcomes to prioritize.

Define your business justification

Define your business case and create a financial model to project the business impact of your cloud adoption strategy.

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Guidance and tools to help you get started

Build your cloud environment with Azure landing zones

Address the deployment and operations needs of your cloud portfolio through scalable, modular implementation options to build out your cloud environment.

A diagram showing how Azure landing zones help build your cloud environment

Assess your cloud environment

Begin the cloud adoption process by reviewing your Azure platform readiness. Assess your plan to create a landing zone that will host the workloads that you build in the cloud or migrate to it.

Build a strong, scalable foundation

Get help constructing and operating Azure landing zones at scale with a proven architectural approach and implementation guidance.

Keep your cloud journey on track with assessments

Discover tools and personalized recommendations to help you explore cloud adoption, define your strategy, and remove blockers.

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Maximize your cloud value with Azure enablement resources

Achieve your business goals and get ongoing value from the cloud by taking advantage of a comprehensive set of tools, programs, and resources.

Documentation and resources

Microsoft Learn

Build your employees' cloud skills with learning paths.

FastTrack for Azure

Get help from Microsoft engineers.

Azure Migration and Modernization Program

Get help migrating and modernizing your workloads with a proven end-to-end approach.

Cloud economics

Check out key financial and technical guidance for cloud migration from Azure experts and best practices from top organizations.

Azure Well-Architected

Learn how to design and build well-architected cloud workloads.

FAQ about Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

  • Although the cloud isn’t new, the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure creates new business management and technology opportunities. The Cloud Adoption Framework provides tools and guidance for implementing not only cloud technologies, but also business, people, and process changes, to adopt Azure with confidence and control. Because it’s based on best practices and successful customer and partner experiences, the framework is updated regularly.

  • The Cloud Adoption Framework is available worldwide.

  • Because cloud adoption is a companywide decision, the Cloud Adoption Framework is designed for IT administrators, cloud architects, and business decision makers across your organizations.

  • There's no single cloud adoption journey: every organization defines its own path. However, there are several common steps in those journeys, and the Cloud Adoption Framework covers them modularly so you can start wherever you are in your journey. Take the Cloud Journey Tracker assessment to identify your organization's cloud adoption path or find a partner to help you get started.

  • Assessments let you quickly identify the best approach to cloud adoption for your organization. They provide recommendations based on your needs and let anyone in your organization review them at their convenience. In addition to pinpointing your cloud adoption needs, these assessments help you define your governance benchmark and evaluate your workloads.

Partner with an expert

Get expert help at every step of your cloud adoption process.

Accelerate your cloud adoption journey

Evaluate your business strategies and receive curated guidance from Microsoft Assessments.