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Azure Private 5G Core

Rapidly deploy and manage private 5G networks at the enterprise edge

Experience high performance and secure private 5G connectivity at the enterprise edge

Azure Private 5G Core offers simple, scalable, and secure deployment of private 5G core networks on an Azure Arc–managed edge platform within the Azure private multi-access edge compute (MEC) solution. Deploy and connect in minutes for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor use cases and centrally manage private 5G networks across multiple sites.

The 5G core is fully self-contained at the edge, and includes User Plane, Control Plane, Subscriber, and Policy functions deployed on Azure private MEC. High availability and disconnected functions ensure that the 5G network remains operational even in the event of network disruptions or outages, providing enterprises with critical reliability and uptime.

Multi-access support for 4G LTE and 5G standalone radio access network (RAN) solutions across a wide array of vendors. Expansion to narrowband (NB)-IoT is also supported for converged access use cases.

Centralized orchestration and automated deployment of 5G core software, including multi-slice/data network name (DNN), advanced policy and quality of service (QoS) management, and advanced monitoring of system health locally and in the cloud

APIs to securely provision subscriber identity module (SIM) credentials and monitor RAN and UE metrics all from the Azure cloud

Simplify delivery of 5G wireless networks

Deploy a complete set of 5G core functions on a small footprint Azure Stack Edge located at the enterprise site. Select from a wide range of radio vendors to deliver low-latency, high-speed connectivity for enterprises. Use a single core supporting either 4G, 5G, or combined 4G/5G standalone radio deployments to simplify operations and reduce the cost of managing multiple access technologies.

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Deploy your network in minutes

Simplify and speed up a traditionally complex and time-consuming process. Deploy a private 5G core network at the enterprise edge in minutes. with Azure Private 5G Core.

Scale globally with unified cloud management

Install a 5G core network in any part of the world more easily using the widely adopted and scalable deployment methodology in Azure. Manage, troubleshoot, and view the health of your distributed edge sites through a centralized dashboard using a range of visualization options for complete visibility and control over your private 5G network.

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Secure private wireless networks

Leverage Microsoft Zero Trust solutions to protect your 5G network, workloads, applications, and services. Enable enterprises to own and control their data with a 5G service that’s fully self-contained at the customer edge. Enhance security further with Azure services such as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, which provides robust end-to-end security when combined with private 5G.

Leverage solutions from a rich ecosystem

Azure Private 5G Core offers a wide range of partner technology, including RAN and SIM services, to deliver connectivity that meets enterprise needs. Enable operators and system integrators to deliver and manage private networks and applications for enterprises based on their unique environment and global-scale needs.

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Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

A security center overview in Azure showing policy and compliance data and resource security hygiene
The security center compute and apps tab in Azure showing a list of recommendations

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Partners are doing great things with Azure Private 5G Core

Connecting frontline workers with private MEC

OCI, NA chose the weavix™ Internet of Workers platform powered by Azure private MEC and using the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) for reliable communications with the field.

A worker holding a work phone displaying a text conversation

Demonstrating the potential of private 5G

Partnering with Microsoft and Tech Mahindra, STC explored the capabilities of an Azure private multi-access edge compute solution to build a private 5G network.

Delivering cutting edge industry supply chain innovations

See how manufacturing uses Azure private MEC and video analytics to manage workplace safety.

A robotic machine building equipment

Transforming a technology center with Azure private MEC

Employing Azure Private 5G Core for live video analytics.

People walking outside being recognized by a camera

Transforming a technology center with Azure private MEC

With Azure private MEC, CommScope transformed its fiber-optic cable manufacturing technology center.

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Frequently asked questions about Azure Private 5G Core

  • The cloud components of Azure Private 5G Core can be deployed in the Azure regions. However, the service itself runs on Azure Stack Edge on premises. Additional Azure regions will be announced in the future.

  • Azure Private 5G Core deploys the 5G core network functions on the Azure Stack Edge Pro series SKU. You'll need to purchase this Microsoft hardware through Azure.

  • Yes. You'll be able to deploy a private 5G network for enterprise scenarios with this service. In addition to the 5G core software, you'll need to purchase components such as SIMs and RANs to complete your solution. The ecosystem of trusted Azure Private 5G Core partners can provide you with these components.

  • Azure Private 5G Core connects with any standard 5G standalone radios over standard N1/N2/N3 interfaces. The 5G core network functions comply with Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) specifications.

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