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Azure Operator Nexus

Build your mission-critical mobile networks with a carrier-grade, hybrid cloud platform

Modernise mission-critical networks for simplicity, scale and cost-efficiency

Azure Operator Nexus is a carrier-grade hybrid cloud platform built for mission-critical mobile network applications. Simplify provisioning of new network services and optimise deployment of network functions and applications on premises. Run network-intensive workloads and mission-critical apps with resiliency, security, observability and high performance.
Support for deployment of both virtualised network functions (VNF) and containerised network functions (CNF)
Automated network configuration and integrated packet capture
End-to-end visibility with integrated telemetry, metrics, and logs
Ecosystem of industry-leading pre-certified network functions to simplify interoperability

Optimise and scale next-generation 5G networks

Run your mission-critical mobile workloads with a unified carrier-grade hybrid platform. Deploy, manage, operate, monitor, and secure your workloads with a unified Azure experience. Streamline business operations with API-based access to all data and network functions. Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and scale at your pace.

Enhance operations with AI-based analytics

Create a closed-loop automation environment by capturing data from your platform, applications, and network. Derive prescriptive analytics with AI and machine learning (ML), and reconfigure the network to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Secure and govern with world-class SecOps

Employ robust Microsoft security operations (SecOps), threat detection, and protection capabilities for end-to-end monitoring, risk and compliance management, and protection of your systems. Azure Operator Nexus offers a comprehensive hybrid platform solution with fine-grained, role-based access controls that allow for end-to-end protection and compliance management of data and functionality. Microsoft Defender for Cloud safeguards your systems and data from threats, maintains compliance with industry regulations, and ensures smooth operation of your business.

Create new revenue with the Azure ecosystem

Maximise Microsoft investments in telecom DNA and the largest partner ecosystem for enterprise GTM.. Combine connectivity with Azure services to create new revenue from enterprises.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

Azure Operator Nexus pricing

Pricing will not be published during public preview. For questions about pricing, contact your account representative.

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Trusted by operators for real-world scenarios

AT&T runs its 5G Near Edge network functions on Azure Operator Nexus

AT&T has chosen Azure Operator Nexus as the platform for its 5G Near Edge network functions. The platform frees them from the operating expense-intensive tasks of managing a cloud and allows them to focus on their core competencies of building networks and serving the needs of mobile customers.

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Azure Operator Nexus resources and documentation

White paper

Read the Future of Mobile Networks and Cloud Computing white paper to learn how the partnership between operators and hyperscalers will be governed largely by the simplicity, security, and resilience of the mobile-to-cloud experience.

Frequently asked questions about Azure Operator Nexus

  • Azure Operator Nexus is a managed hybrid cloud platform that supports carrier-grade network workloads with the management plane in Azure and the control plane and user plane deployed on operators' premises or in Azure.
  • Azure Operator Nexus has many NFVI features targeted for high-performance demanding networking workloads such as, CPU Pinning, NUMA Alignment, Huge Page support, and Layer 2 Networking capabilities not currently available with Azure IaaS services.
  • Microsoft defines the required hardware components, topology and connectivity requirements to Azure needed for Azure Operator Nexus. The operator purchases and deploys the hardware in their near edge datacentre and connects to Azure. Azure Operator Nexus is a self-service hybrid platform with zero touch provisioning to install the Azure Operator Nexus cloud software
  • Operator owned Azure Operator Nexus hardware resides in the operator's near edge datacentre. Network functions and their associated customer data are generated on the Operator's premise. It is the operator’s choice where the data is stored.
  • The Azure Operator Nexus Ready programme pre-certifies mobile core virtual network functions (VNF) and containerised network functions (CNF) for mobility functions, gateway functions, subscriber management, policy management, security and network management. Operators can select and integrate these network functions to compose their mobile network. Operators can also deploy customised network functions.

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