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Azure Security Expert Series

Stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity events, tools, and information.


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Learn how to use cloud-native SIEM for smarter, faster threat detection and response.


Cybersecurity today

Watch Ann Johnson and other Azure security experts discuss the state of cloud security today and the five most effective cloud security best practices.

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Learn about the latest security tools and best practices in the Azure security expert series videos.

Microsoft Sentinel

Get started with a cloud-native SIEM | Azure Sentinel Part 1

Built-in AI to detect threats faster | Azure Sentinel Part 2

Investigate and automate threat responses | Azure Sentinel Part 3

Azure Security Centre

Three strategies for protecting all of your cloud resources

Threat protection for cloud native workloads

Threat protection for data services

Network security

What is cloud-native Azure Network Security | Azure Network Security Part 1

Take a Zero Trust approach to secure your networks

Getting the Best of Azure with Azure Front Door

Optimise Security, App and Content Delivery with the new Azure Front Door

Protect your critical Azure resources with Azure Firewall

Take cloud protection to the next level with Azure Firewall Premium

IoT security

What makes IoT Security different | Azure IoT Part 1

What should you do to manage IoT security | Azure IoT Part 2

How does Azure Security Centre help you manage IoT | Azure IoT Part 3


Security, responsibility, and trust in Azure

Learn the basic concepts for protecting your infrastructure and data when you work in the cloud.


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