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Visual Studio Online is now in preview

Published date: November 04, 2019

Visual Studio Online, first introduced at Build 2019, has now entered preview. It brings together the family of Visual Studio developer tools, Azure-hosted developer environments, and a browser-based editor that’s accessible from anywhere to help developers be more productive than ever.    

As development becomes more collaborative and open source workflows, like pull requests, become more popular, developers need to be able to switch between codebases and projects quickly without losing productivity. Visual Studio Online enables a developer to spin up a powerful, isolated, pre-configured development environment for a repo and be productive in minutes from anywhere.  

Visual Studio Online’s cloud-hosted environments, its browser-based editor, as well as extensions for Visual Studio Code, are now available. Support for Visual Studio 2019 is in private preview, which you can also sign up for.

Developers can create Visual Studio Online environments directly from Visual Studio Code, or from the Visual Studio blog. These environments are provisioned in Azure and securely connected to your development tool. It’s also possible to attach your own physical or virtual machines to Visual Studio Online. 

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