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Public preview: Support for hybrid rendering with Next.js apps

Published date: October 12, 2022

We’re adding support for all the major Next.js features, including server-side rendering (SSR), incremental static regeneration (ISR), image optimization, API routes, and many more.

Next.js is a React framework for building fast and SEO-friendly web applications. It includes tooling and configuration needed for React and lets you build hybrid websites. With Next.js, you can render your content in different ways - pre-render some pages at build time with static site generation, render pages at request time with server-side rendering, and update or create content at runtime with incremental static regeneration.

Azure Static Web Apps provides globally distributed content hosting and serverless APIs powered by Azure Functions. It also includes everything you need to run a full-stack web app, including support for custom domains, free SSL certificates, authentication/authorization, and preview environments. 

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