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Generally available: Azure Monitor container insights agent renaming

Published date: August 17, 2022

Azure Monitor container insights allow you to monitor your container and Kubernetes workloads. When enabling container insights, Azure Monitor deploys a containerized collection agent. This agent is being renamed from OMSAgent to Azure Monitor agent. The current OMSAgent name is a legacy name from the OMS product and does not reflect the branding for Azure Monitor. The Azure Monitor agent is being standardized as the single collection agent for Azure Monitor. The name change brings the agent’s name in line with these updates.

The changes will roll out in early September. There are no feature updates or functional changes to the agent in this release. You will see a new pod name in your clusters. Alongside that, several other related resources have also been renamed. See the “List of renamed resources” and “List of renamed labels" tables in the linked blog post for more details. Customers who use the “omsagent” string in their alerts, queries, and script must update them to avoid any issues. 

For more details and guidance, please see our blog post about the name change.

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