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General availability: Microcontroller-based device security platform

Published date: June 22, 2022

Microsoft and STMicroelectronics have jointly developed a security platform to enable ST’s ultra-low-power STM32U5 microcontrollers (MCUs) to connect securely to Azure IoT cloud services.   

The solution uses the STM32U5’s state-of-the-art security hardware, ARM TrustZone®, along with Trusted Firmware-M (TF-M) and an STSAFE-A110 Secure Element. The solution is powered by Microsoft Azure RTOS and Azure IoT Middleware, leveraging services including Microsoft Defender for IoT, Azure IoT Device Provisioning Service, and Device Update for IoT Hub. 

Connecting to the cloud with an IoT device has been made easier than ever with the STM32U5 Azure Quick Connect. This development platform is available today globally. You can get started with the STM32U5 Discovery Kit for IoT Node and download the XCUBE-AZURE package from STMicroelectronics.  

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