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General Availability of Cross Zonal Restore of Azure Virtual Machines from Azure Backup

Published date: November 30, 2022

We are excited to announce the general availability of Cross Zonal Restore of Azure Virtual Machines for Azure Backup customers. Azure Backup leverages the power of ZRS (Zonal redundant storage) which stores three replicas of backup data across different Availability Zones, synchronously . This enables you to operate seamlessly even if the backup data in one of the Availability Zones is unavailable or unrecoverable, guaranteeing data to be within a region. With the introduction of this feature, Azure Backup will restore the recovery points which are stored in  Recovery Services Vault with ZRS storage which holds backup data zonally.

You should consider Cross Zonal Restore option when,

  1. zonal availability of the backup data is critical, and downtime of backup data is not acceptable. This enables you to restore Azure virtual machine / disks in any zone of your choice in the same region.
  2. resiliency of backup data is required along with Data residency

With the preview of Cross Zonal Restore of Azure VMs, Azure Backup offers a compelling set of durability options for your backup data including ZRS for intra-region high durability, locally-redundant storage (LRS) for low-cost single region durability, and geo-redundant storage (GRS) for high durability across region when primary region is unavailable by opting in for Cross Region Restore feature, you can also access the secondary region backup data from Azure Backup.


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