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Enhanced experience for Azure Advisor security recommendations

Published date: June 12, 2019

Azure Advisor has new enhancements that will make it easier to optimize your Azure resources and get the most out of Azure, including a tighter Security Center integration, bulk actions, and additional recommendations.

Advisor now integrates more closely with Security Center, which will allow you to:

  • See a detailed view of your security recommendations from Security Center directly in Advisor.
  • Get your security recommendations programmatically through Advisor REST APIs, CLI, or Powershell.
  • Review a summary of your security alerts from Security Center in Advisor.

Let us know if you have feedback on the new security recommendation experience.

Advisor is also announcing the ability to take bulk actions on recommendations, such as dismiss and postpone. These actions can be performed in the Azure portal or programmatically. Learn more.

Finally, Advisor has added more than 20 new high availability, performance, and cost recommendations, including:

  • High availability recommendations
    • Azure Cosmos DB
      • Configure consistent indexing mode on your Cosmos DB collection.
      • Configure your Azure Cosmos DB containers with a partition key.
    • Azure Monitor—Alert rules
      • Repair invalid log alert rules.
  • Performance recommendations
    • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
      • Scale up to optimize cache utilization on your SQL Data Warehouse tables to increase query performance.
      • Convert SQL Data Warehouse tables to replicated tables to increase query performance.
    • Azure Cosmos DB
      • Add regions with traffic to your Azure Cosmos DB account.
      • Configure your Azure Cosmos DB indexing policy with customer included or excluded paths.
    • Azure MySQL, Azure PostgreSQL, and Azure MariaDB
      • Fix the CPU pressure of your MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB servers with CPU bottleneck.
    • Azure Storage accounts
      • Design your Storage accounts to prevent hitting the maximum subscription limit.
  • Cost recommendations
    • Use standard snapshots for Azure Managed Disks.
    • Delete failing Azure Data Factory pipelines.
    • Delete unassociated public IP addresses.

Review your Advisor recommendations.

Visit Advisor documentation.

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