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Distributed database transactions spanning multiple Azure SQL Managed Instances

Дата публикации: 14 октября, 2020

Now in preview, distributed database transactions spanning multiple Azure SQL Managed Instances have been added to enable frictionless migration of existing applications, as well as development of modern multi-tenant applications relying on vertically or horizontally partitioned database architecture.

By utilizing distributed transactions, you will save time when migrating existing applications that require this capability as it eliminates the need to change application code and to perform extensive testing. If you develop new applications, you can benefit from partitioning data into multiple databases to overcome current sizing limitations of Azure SQL Managed Instance, while utilizing distributed transactions to keep partitioned data in a consistent state.

During preview, two methods of running distributed transactions will be supported using BEGIN DISTRIBUTED TRANSACTION statement from Transact-SQL code and using TransactionScope class from .NET code.

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