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Datadog integration with Azure: Public Preview

Published date: February 19, 2021

When customers migrate and modernize their applications to run in the cloud, along with the Azure service, they often rely on third-party solutions provided by our partners.  Frequently, customers end up managing multiple environments and portals to solve their business need, which creates additional overhead and a lack of end-to-end visibility.  Consider the example of an Azure customer managing a third-party SaaS application through the partner’s management portal while managing all Azure services via the Azure portal.  To reduce this burden of managing across multiple portals, we have created an integrated experience for our customers using the Datadog monitoring service on Azure.     

Customers can now run Datadog as a service on Azure through the Azure Marketplace.  Together, we have built a best-in-class provisioning, onboarding, and management experience for our customers.  This is in addition to unified billing for the Datadog SaaS app through the Azure Marketplace. 

Through this unified experience, customers will be able to:

  • Provision a new Datadog organization and configure their Azure resources to send logs to Datadog—a fully managed setup with no infrastructure for customers to setup and operate. 
  • Streamline single-sign on (SSO) to Datadog—a separate sign-on from the Datadog portal is no longer required.
  • Seamlessly send logs and metrics to Datadog. Today, customers must set up event hubs and write Azure Functions to receive logs from Azure Monitor and send them to Datadog. 
  • Easily install the Datadog agent on VM hosts through a single-click.
  • Get unified billing of Datadog SaaS through Azure subscription invoicing.

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