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Public preview: Azure Data Explorer dashboards October update

Published date: December 07, 2020

Azure Data Explorer is announcing the October dashboards updates:

Cascading filters

Cascading filters allow customers to use parameters to filter not only the dashboard visuals but also the other filters on the dashboard. This is useful in high cardinality filters, since it allows for just the relevant values in the filter to show per other filter selections.

The example below shows a State parameter, which is dependent on the value in the Country parameter.

Cascading filter image (002)

To create the cascading effect, add the parameter to the query of a query based parameter within the parameter edit experience.

Clickable URLs in tables

URL strings (starting with “https://”) in tables can be clickable now. This is helpful when you want to create a quick navigation from your data to other data sources.

Multi-stat card

Multi-stats cards provides an easy way to create visuals with groups of multiple stats using one query. In addition to being more convenient, this will reduce cluster load by sending a single query to visualize a few stats.

Text size support for stat visuals

You can now select stat text size using the recommended small or large options.

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