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Azure Analysis Services web designer to be discontinued

Published date: February 22, 2019

The Azure Analysis Services web designer in the Azure portal has been in public preview since it was introduced in July 2017. It was later deprecated in October 2018, meaning that it would be discontinued at some point in the future. We’ve tried to avoid discontinuing it entirely, but due to certain compliance requirements, it will be removed from the portal as early as March 1, 2019.

Instead of the web designer, we recommend that you use SQL Server Data Tools and SQL Server Management Studio for authoring and managing your Azure Analysis Services models.

There is currently no alternative for the Import from PBIX feature. This feature has had reliability issues since the outset, but gained significant usage due to the popularity of Power BI Desktop as a modeling tool. We're working on better, more robust ways to bridge the gap between Power BI and Analysis Services. We have no timeframes or details to announce yet, but we will share more info as soon as we can.

We appreciate hearing from you. You can provide feedback on the Azure Analysis Services feedback forum

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