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Application Insights supports exporting data to Excel

Published date: June 24, 2015
Application Insights was updated to enable exporting charts and tables from Metric Explorer to Excel files. You can export metric data that is displayed in Metric Explorer to an Excel file. The exported data includes data from all charts and tables as seen in the portal.In Metrics Explorer, choose Alert rules, Add AlertThe data for each chart or table is exported to a separate sheet in the Excel file. What you see is what gets exported. Change the time range or filters if you want to change the range of data exported. For tables, if the load more command is showing, you can click it before you click Export to have more data exported.Note  This export cuerrently works only with Internet Explorer and Chrome.If you want data continuously exported so that you can process it externally, consider using Continuous export.We are very interested in hearing about how we are doing, so please submit questions and issues to Forums, bugs to Connect (select Application Insights), and suggestions to User Voice.Application Insights is in Preview.
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