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Action needed: Update Azure Autoscale Notifications to using additional email addresses for notifications

Published date: May 03, 2024

Azure classic roles are due to be retired by 31st August, 2024 along with Azure Classic Resources. Please find more information here.

If you're a customer, make sure to remove any existing administrator/co-administrator emails selected in Autoscale notification, as Azure Autoscale will no longer rely on them by August 2024. After August 2024, Azure Autoscale will only send notifications to the email addresses listed in the additional email addresses field for scaling operations. 

Review further information here. Azure classic resource providers will be retired on 31 August 2024 | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


Action required:

To continue receiving notifications for autoscaling actions, remove any administrator/co-administrator email selected for Azure Autoscale email notifications, and add email addresses in the additional email addresses field. More details here: Azure classic subscription administrators | Microsoft Learn

If you do not have any administrator/co-administrator emails set up for scaling action notifications, no further action is required.

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