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Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) option for Azure managed disks in limited preview

Data da publicação: 02 março, 2021

Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) option for Azure managed disks is now supported on Premium SSDs and Standard SSDs in limited preview. Disks with ZRS provide synchronous replication of data across the zones in a region, enabling disks to tolerate zonal failures which may occur due to natural disasters or hardware issues. They also enable customers to maximize their virtual machine availability without the need for application-level replication of data across zones, which is not supported by many legacy applications such as old versions of SQL or industry-specific proprietary software. This means that, if a virtual machine becomes unavailable in an affected Zone, you can continue to work with the disk by mounting it to a virtual machine in a different zone. You can also use the ZRS option with shared disks to provide improved availability for clustered or distributed applications like SQL FCI, SAP ASCS/SCS or GFS2.

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