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Generally Available: Recovery points extended to 15 days with Azure Site Recovery

Published date: February 07, 2022

Azure Site Recovery provides replication policies which govern retention history of recovery points during replication. Based on the replication policy applied while enabling replication, recovery points are retained, and app-consistent snapshots are captured.

With the roll out of support for longer retention of recovery points, you can now retain recovery points up to 15 days instead of 72 hours. Recovery points will be retained at a frequency of 5 mins for the first 2 hours. Subsequently, recovery points will be pruned and stored at a lesser frequency. You can enter any value from 0-15 (in days) to configure retention period for a replication policy and once used during replication, recovery points will be retained accordingly for that duration. In addition to this, you can enable the application-consistent recovery points if required. By default, this is disabled.

This provides enhanced protection as you have the flexibility of more recovery points. For instance, you can use older recovery points to recover in case recent recovery points are affected due to an incident, such as ransomware, that was undetected for a few days.

Scope: Azure to Azure, VMware to Azure, Physical to Azure disaster recovery scenarios.

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