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General availability: Rate Limiting on ExpressRoute Direct Circuits

Data da publicação: 27 março, 2024

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Rate Limiting over ExpressRoute Direct port circuits. This essential Quality of Service (QoS) feature provides enhanced control over bandwidth usage. Without this feature, all circuits, regardless of their configured bandwidth, can burst up to the port pair bandwidth. Circuits bursting beyond their configured bandwidth can potentially impact the performance and reliability of your network. With Rate Limiting, users can throttle traffic throughput in line with the configured bandwidth of their circuits.

Rate-limiting can be enabled for each circuit individually, providing flexibility to prioritize certain circuits over others within your direct port. This feature can be enabled during or after the creation of the ExpressRoute Direct circuit.

The general availability of Rate Limiting includes:

• The option to enable rate limiting during the circuit creation process, with the flexibility to modify it after the circuit has been created.

• Rate limiting on both Private Peering and Microsoft Peering.

• Rate limiting in both ingress and egress directions.

• The availability of these features in all Azure regions of the public cloud.

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