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Public preview: Manage Azure Web Application Firewall policies in Azure Firewall Manager

Published date: June 01, 2022

Azure Firewall Manager now supports Azure Web Application Firewall (Azure WAF) policies for application delivery platforms, Azure Front Door, and Azure Application Gateway.

Key benefits:

Central deployment and configuration

  • Deploy and configure multiple WAF policies
  • Secure Azure Front Door Application Gateway with WAF policies at scale
  • Upgrade from legacy WAF configuration to WAF policies on Application Gateway

View all application delivery platforms in a single place

  • Gain visibility of all deployments across regions and subscriptions

Manage overall network security posture

  • Adopt Zero-Trust principles by managing WAF, DDoS, and Azure Firewalls all in a central platform

There are no additional charges for using WAF policy management in Azure Firewall Manager. Learn more about pricing.

Learn more about how to configure.

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