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Generally available: Cross-region service endpoints for Azure Storage

Published date: April 24, 2023

Cross-region service endpoints is now generally available for Azure Blob and Data Lake Storage in all Azure regions. 

Virtual Network (VNet) service endpoints provide secure and direct connectivity to Azure services over an optimized route over the Azure backbone network. Service endpoints in Azure Storage already allow the ability to connect to a storage account to VNets in the same or paired region. With this release, cross-region service endpoints can be configured to allow access to an Azure Blob or Data Lake storage account from VNets in any region. This is valuable for customer scenarios such as global storage resource and access management. 

This capability lifts the current restriction that service endpoints of storage can only be configured for VNets in the same or paired region. This is achieved through a new service endpoint type namely "Microsoft.Storage.Global". This configuration is supported through Azure Portal, .NET, Python and Java SDKs, PowerShell and Azure CLI . Storage will also continue to support "Microsoft.Storage" endpoint type for connecting to VNets in the same region or paired region.

To learn more, please refer to documentation on cross-region service endpoints   

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