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Azure Sphere 19.05 Release Unlocks new features in the MT3620

Published date: May 31, 2019

Update 19.05 for Azure Sphere public preview now available in Retail feed

Each quarter, the Azure Sphere team works to open new scenarios to customers through new features on-chip and in the cloud.  The Azure Sphere 19.05 release continues this theme by unlocking the real-time capable cores that reside on the MT3620. Co-locating these cores within the same SOC enables new, real-time scenarios on the M4 cores while continuing to support connectivity scenarios on the high-level core.  This release also introduces support for DHCP-based Ethernet connections to the cloud. 

We are also pleased to announce that the Azure Sphere hardware ecosystem continues to expand with new modules available for mass production and new, less expensive development boards. Finally, new Azure Sphere reference solutions are available to accelerate your solution’s time to market. 

To build applications that take advantage of this new functionality, please download and install the latest Azure Sphere SDK Preview for Visual Studio. All Wi-Fi connected devices will automatically receive an updated Azure Sphere operating system that contain support for these new features.

Please read our 19.05 release blog post to learn more about all the new features available in this release.

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