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Azure Service Fabric 6.5 Second Refresh Release is Now Available

Published date: August 14, 2019

Azure Service Fabric 6.5 second refresh release includes important feature announcements along with bug fixes, and performance enhancements. The updates for .NET SDK, Java SDK and Service Fabric runtimes is available through Web Platform Installer, NuGet packages and Maven repositories in 7-10 business days within all regions.

  • Service Fabric Runtime
    • Windows – 6.5.658.9590
    • Ubuntu - 6.5.460.1
    • Service Fabric for Windows Server Service Fabric Standalone Installer Package - 6.5.658.9590
  • .NET SDK
    • Windows .NET SDK -  3.4.658
    • Microsoft.ServiceFabric - 6.5.658
    • Reliable Services and Reliable Actors - 3.4.658
    • ASP.NET Core Service Fabric integration - 3.4.658
  • Java SDK – 1.0.5

Key Announcements

  • Public Preview of Managed Identity for Azure Service Fabric applications: Azure Service Fabric applications now support user- and system-assigned managed identities. This allows accessing other Azure resources which support Azure AD authentication, including Key Vault, without requiring management of service principal credentials. To learn more about working with Managed Service Identity in Azure Service Fabric, please see ourdocumentation.
  • GA (Generally Available) of Application Resource Model: The deployment of Service Fabric applications as resources via Azure Resource Manager is now generally available. This is the recommended method of deploying Service Fabric applications to an Azure based Service Fabric cluster. This update makes it possible to describe applications and services in JSON and deploy them in the same Resource Manager template as your cluster. The process of application registration, provisioning, and deployment can all happen in one step. This is the best practice to manage application life cycle in your cluster. For more information, please see ourdocumentation.

Breaking Change Announcements

  • Starting in this release, if you specify a static port and assign it within the application port range resulting in a conflict, a Health Warning will be issued. The application deployment will continue in sync with current 6.5 behavior. However, in future major releases this application deployment will be prevented. For more information, please see Warning section in our documentation.

For more details, please read the release notes.

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