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Announcing pricing decrease for Azure App Service on the Premium plan

Published date: August 21, 2019

We are seeing amazing growth for Azure App Service, especially on the Linux hosting option. Customers are enjoying excellent performance, scale and management using their favorite development frameworks including Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, WordPress, and .NET Core deploying applications as either source code or custom Docker containers. 

To make the Linux hosting option even easier for customers to work on with higher scale and performance, we are happy to announce a price reduction of an average of 35% for Linux App Service on the Premium v2 plan (pricing may vary by regional meters).

This price reduction makes the decision point between hosting on a Standard App Service plan or a Premium v2 App Service plan a much simpler one. Premium v2 comes with faster processors, SSD storage and double the memory-to-core ratio compared with Standard plans. In addition, with Premium v2 customers can also take advantage of auto-scaling up to 20 instances, up from 10 instances with the Standard plans. 

As seen in the example below from the East US 2 region, the price points between the different sizes of the Standard and Premium v2 plans makes the Premium v2 plan the preferred choice for customers.

linux pricing

With the new price reduction, it is more economical from a performance perspective (and more powerful!) to run a P1v2 App Service plan rather than an S1 App Service plan. This is also true for the other size plans when moving from S2 > P2v2 and S3 > P3v2, with each providing double the performance and memory of the comparable Standard plan. This can be seen in the green arrows in the image above.

If there are concerns about the slightly higher cost of moving from Standard to Premium v2, we recommend moving to one plan size lower on Premium v2, which provides the same memory allocation, yet higher performance and better storage due to higher tier compute under the cover, all for less cost! For example with a plan running on S2, we recommend moving to P1v2, and with a plan in S3, we recommend moving to P2v2, as seen in the yellow arrows in the image above.

What now? The discount applies to everyone, so if you’re already using Premium v2, your birthday present came early! If you’re using Standard or are deciding on which plan to scale up to, try Premium v2 now and enjoy both the cost savings as part of the discount and better hardware to run your apps on!

For questions you can reach out through the MSDN forums.

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