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Move mainframe TP monitors to Azure

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Publicado: 30/06/2020

Many corporations and public agencies are looking for an easy path from their existing mainframe applications to the cloud. Mainframe online transaction processing (OLTP) systems still work, which is why they remain in use across the Fortune 500. But today’s organizations want the benefits of cloud computing.

This guide by Larry Mead and Azure Global Engineering shows how the path to the cloud often starts with a mainframe's transaction processing (TP) monitor. This guide tells you how to use TP monitor emulation software on Azure to run even the most complex CICS applications in the cloud. The emulation environment creates all the interfaces that the application expects to see, so it can run unchanged from within a virtual machine (VM) on Azure.

Several vendors offer TP monitoring emulators that meet different requirements. This guide can help you ask the right questions.