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Considerations for SAS 9.4 Grid on Azure for Lustre File system

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Gepubliceerd: 5-1-2021

Hyperscale cloud technologies have become a common platform for modernization and lift-and-shift of On-Premise customers due to cost efficiencies, scalability and resiliency. Complex workloads like SAS have very particular workload characteristics and requirements that need to be understood and rationalized prior to deciding whether to move to the cloud or not. The maturity of compute and storage, however, has made this easier than in the past, allowing for Microsoft Azure to become a consideration for hosting such demanding workloads. 

The whitepaper describes guidelines for deploying SAS 9.4 Grid technologies on Azure using the Lustre parallel clustered filesystem in a cost effective, performant and scalable manner. 

The work is a collaboration between Donovan White and Paul Edwards from Microsoft and Renier Dryer from CrunchYard.