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Public preview of SAP NetWeaver, North Europe, and new updates in cluster monitoring

Published date: April 14, 2021

You can now use Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions (AMS) to monitor SAP NetWeaver (ABAP and JAVA), deploy AMS in North Europe region, and get more insights about your High-availability (pacemaker) clusters.

With this update, you can now deploy AMS for end-to-end monitoring of SAP on Azure within Azure portal. End-to-end is defined as: SAP Application, database, and infrastructure. Both BASIS team and infrastructure team in your organization can use AMS for visualizing, troubleshooting, and monitoring SAP on Azure.

Further, you can create Azure dashboards with just a few clicks, to see SAP telemetry and non-SAP telemetry (other Azure services and applications) in single-pane-of-glass.

Watch this video: SAP NetWeaver in AMS.

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