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Azure Backup for SAP HANA: General availability updates for Dec 2022

Published date: January 04, 2023

In Dec 2022, the following updates and enhancements were made for Azure Backup for SAP HANA – a backint certified database backup solution for SAP HANA databases in Azure VMs.


  • Long term retention for adhoc backups: Now, you can provide custom retention for adhoc, on-demand backups and use it to specify long-term retention, outside of the scheduled policy.
  • Partial restore-as-files: Azure Backup for HANA allows you to restore the recovery points as files. Suppose, if you have downloaded the entire chain for one recovery point and you wish to repeat that for another adjacent recovery point, you need not download the entire chain again. You can exclude few types and restore only files that you want.
  • Seamless integration with native clients and other tools: Earlier, for the following scenarios, you had to switch off backint before the request and switch it back on later, increasing the RPO. From now on, no such extra steps are required and you can just trigger these requests from native clients/other tools.
    • On-demand backup to local file-system
    • HANA catalog clean-up
    • For HANA database in Azure VMs and on ANF, triggering snapshot with AzAcSnapshotTool
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