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Public Preview of Azure OpenAI and AI Search in-app connectors for Logic Apps (Standard)

Published date: April 02, 2024

We're thrilled to announce two new built-in connectors for Azure Logic Apps: Azure OpenAI and Azure AI Search. With the increasing adoption of AI technologies, there's a growing demand to integrate these capabilities seamlessly into Logic Apps workflows. To address this need, we're launching the Public Preview of these connectors, bridging the gap between Logic Apps and AI.

With the Azure OpenAI and AI Search you can now build powerful automations by integrating your enterprise data and services with generative AI capabilities offered by Azure Open-AI and AI Search services inside of Logic Apps. These new connectors support multiple types of authentications such as connection keys, AAD and managed identity and support connecting to your Azure OpenAI and Azure Search endpoints behind your firewalls enabling your workflows to securely connect to your AI resources in Azure. 

Read more on these two new built-in connectors for Azure Logic Apps connectors here.

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