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Public preview: Announcing Azure STIG solution templates to accelerate compliance for DoD

Published date: April 09, 2021

Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) templates accelerate speed to achieving Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) STIG compliance by delivering an automated, one-click solution that enables customers to deploy, monitor, and maintain non-configured STIG-compliant Windows or Linux Virtual Machines. 

STIG is the Department of Defense’s (DoD) cybersecurity methodology for standardized security configurations for computer operating systems and other software and hardware.

Benefits of templates include:

  • Easy one-click solution simplifies STIG compliance and enables engineering teams to focus on higher priority efforts
  • Accelerates speed to DoD STIG compliance
  • Hardened according to DISA STIG required configuration standards for security
  • Catalyst to cloud transformation

Leverage templates to accomplish the following:

  • Apply STIG to existing VMs to increase current security footprint
  • Deploy to a shared image gallery to support organizational reusability
  • Capture detailed logging and analysis of VMs for auditing and authorization purposes

Get started today with Azure STIG solution templates:



Azure commercial

Azure commercial

Azure Government

Azure Government

Azure Government Secret (coming soon!)

Azure Government Secret (coming soon!)


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