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Generally available: Built-in Azure Monitor alerts for Azure Backup

Published date: September 14, 2022

Built-in Azure Monitor Alerts for Azure Backup is now generally available. With this solution, users receive default alerts for critical scenarios related to backup security and job failures, that are integrated with Azure Monitor. You can monitor these alerts at scale via either the Azure Monitor dashboard or via Backup center, and route these alerts to various notification channels of choice.

Below are the main benefits of using built-in Azure Monitor alerts for backup:

  • Ability to configure notifications to a wide range of notification channels supported by Azure Monitor
  • Ability to select which scenarios to get notified for
  • Ability to have a consistent alerts management experience for multiple Azure services including backup, with at-scale management capabilities

Following are some of the key updates to this solution since public preview:

1. Expanded coverage of security alert scenarios: You can now use built-in Azure Monitor alerts to get alerted on additional critical operations like modification of backup policy, disabling of multi-user authorization, and so on.

2. Enhanced experience to migrate to Azure Monitor alerts: If you are currently using the older classic alerts solution, it is recommended to move to Azure Monitor alerts for its various benefits. Today, Azure Backup provides a guided experience via Backup center that allows you to make this switch with just a few clicks.

3. Vault-level properties to govern alert settings for vaults: Every vault now has a 'monitoring settings' property which you can leverage to specify whether classic alerts should be turned off, and whether built-in Azure Monitor alerts should be generated for job failures. You can query these settings at-scale for your vaults using Azure Resource Graph, and also write custom ARM templates and Azure Policies to deploy and govern these settings for your vaults.

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