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General availability: HBv4-series & HX-series VMs are now available in Sweden Central.

Published date: April 18, 2024

HBv4 and HX VMs feature up to 176 AMD EPYC™ 9V33X ("Genoa-X") CPU cores with AMD's 3D V-Cache, clock frequencies up to 3.7 GHz, and no simultaneous multithreading. HBv4-series VMs provide 768 GB of RAM, HX-series VMs provide 1.4 TB of RAM and both HBv4 and HX provide 2.3 GB L3 cache. The 2.3 GB L3 cache per VM can deliver up to 5.7 TB/s of bandwidth to amplify up to 780 GB/s of bandwidth from DRAM, for a blended average of 1.2 TB/s of effective memory bandwidth across a broad range of customer workloads. The VMs also provide up to 12 GB/s (reads) and 7 GB/s (writes) of block device SSD performance. 

All HBv4-series VMs feature 400 Gb/s NDR InfiniBand from NVIDIA Networking to enable supercomputer-scale MPI workloads. 

See regional availability.

Read the blog post.

Read the HBv4 documentation.

Read the HX documentation.

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