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General availability: Azure WAF policy and DDoS management in Azure Firewall Manager

Published date: June 15, 2022

Azure Firewall Manager now supports managing DDoS Protection Plans for virtual networks and Azure Web Application Firewall (Azure WAF) policies for application delivery platforms: Azure Front Door and Azure Application Gateway.

Key benefits:

Central deployment and configuration

  • Deploy and configure multiple WAF policies and DDoS plans
  • Secure Azure Front Door Application Gateway with WAF policies at scale
  • Protect Virtual Networks with DDoS plans and Azure Firewall simultaneously
  • Upgrade from legacy WAF configuration to WAF policies on Application Gateway

View all application delivery platforms and virtual networks in a single place

  • Gain visibility of all deployments across regions and subscriptions

Manage overall network security posture

  • Adopt Zero-Trust principles by managing WAF, DDoS, and Azure Firewalls all in a central platform
  • Monitor network security coverage in dashboard, across subscriptions

There are no additional charges for using WAF policy and DDoS management in Azure Firewall Manager. 

Learn more about pricing.

Learn more about how to configure WAF policies and DDoS Protection Plans in Azure Firewall Manager. 

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