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General availability: Azure Maps- new Gen2 pricing model available

Published date: May 03, 2021

New pricing for Azure Maps is now available. Change to the new Gen2 pricing to get new future services and features and take advantage of potential cost savings.

With Azure Maps Gen2 pricing, you’ll get:

  • Tiered pay-as-you-go pricing with volume-based reductions that can reduce transaction costs.
  • Free monthly allocation of transactions for each service.
  • No more restrictions on queries per second—scale up or down without changing SKUs.
  • Creator services in preview.
  • New future services and features for Azure Maps.

See Azure Maps pricing for complete details.

You may continue to use Gen1 pricing, but we encourage you to evaluate the potential savings and benefits of Gen2 pricing. You won’t be required to change your Azure Maps keys or Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) client ID to use Gen 2 pricing.

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