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General availability: Azure Archive Storage events for easy rehydration of archived blobs

Published date: August 19, 2021

The Azure Archive Storage provides a secure, low-cost means for retaining cold data including backups and archival storage. When your data is stored in Archive Storage, the data is offline and not available for read until it is moved to the hot or cool tier. Previously, the only way to determine when blob rehydration was complete and available to be read was to repeatedly poll the status of the rehydration operation, increasing complexity and cost.

Azure Event Grid now supports events that fire when a blob is rehydrated from the archive tier. The Microsoft.Storage.BlobCreated event fires when a blob is copied from the archive tier to a new destination blob in the hot or cool tier. The Microsoft.Storage.BlobTierChanged event fires when the archived blob's tier is changed to hot or cool. Your application can handle these events in order to respond to blob rehydration.

For more information, see Azure Archive Storage rehydration and Run Azure Function to react blob rehydration events.


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