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Changes to HDInsight cluster configuration access

Published date: April 24, 2019

We are introducing some important changes to support more fine-grained, role-based access to sensitive configuration information from HDInsight clusters, such as gateway HTTP credentials and storage account keys. As part of these changes, some action may be required if you are using one of the affected entities/scenarios:

  • API: Users using the /configurations or /configurations/{configurationName} endpoints.
  • Azure HDInsight Tools for Visual Studio Code version 1.1.1 or below.
  • Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ version 3.20.0 or below.
  • SDK for .NET
    • versions 1.x or 2.x: Users using the GetClusterConfigurationsGetConnectivitySettingsConfigureHttpSettingsEnableHttp or DisableHttp methods from the ConfigurationsOperationsExtensions class.
    • versions 3.x and up: Users using the GetUpdateEnableHttp, or DisableHttp methods from the ConfigurationsOperationsExtensions class.
  • SDK for Python: Users using the get or update methods from the ConfigurationsOperations class.
  • SDK for Java: Users using the update or get methods from the ConfigurationsInner class.
  • SDK for Go: Users using the Get or Update methods from the ConfigurationsClient struct.
  • See the below sections (or use the above links) to see the migration steps for your scenario.

Next Steps

For more information about these changes and required steps for migration, please see our documentation, Migrate to granular role-based access for cluster configurations.

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